Madison County inquiry finds no open meeting violation

Findings of a recent investigation of the Madison County Commissioners have shown that the commissioners did not violate open meeting law.

The investigation comes after a complaint from local resident Kelly McKamey.

From the Rexburg Standard Journal

Reporting a trial around closed doors and sealed files

Covering the big St. Luke’s antitrust trial in U.S. District Court in Boise involved hours spent waiting outside a closed courtroom, extensively redacted documents, and cryptic references in court to information not made public. Now the Statesman, Idaho Press Club and several other Idaho news organizations are waiting to hear from a federal appeals court on their plea for openness, after U.S. District Judge B. Lynn Winmill left it up to lawyers and business executives to decide what should be public in the case.

From the Idaho Press Club Communicator

Cities reform open meeting practices

In the fall, while traveling around southern and eastern Idaho for four IDOG open government seminars, I heard about some open meeting law problems in the city of Twin Falls. The Twin Falls Times-News reported on the problems and brought them to everyone’s attention, and the city initially took a defensive posture.

From the Idaho Press Club Communicator

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