Judge denies CNN request for Bergdahl documents

Judge Robert J. Elgee issued a ruling on Tuesday denying a Cable News Network request for a 15-year-old Blaine County police report involving the Bowe Bergdahl family.

From the Idaho Mountain Express

Senator suggests secret review by lawmakers before releasing OPE reports

Sen. Dean Mortimer, R-Idaho Falls, has been pushing to let lawmakers review reports from the Legislature’s Office of Performance Evaluations in closed meetings and suggest changes before they’re released publicly, the AP reports. The OPE conducts detailed and often controversial investigations into how state agencies operate and points to savings, efficiencies or improvements; its director, Rakesh Mohan, staunchly opposes any such change in the rules because it would alter the office’s independence and credibility.

From AP/Eye on Boise

CNN argues for access to Bergdahl police report

Judge Robert J. Elgee will review a 15-year-old police report involving the Bowe Bergdahl family before making a decision if the report should be released to Cable News Network.

From the Idaho Mountain Express

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