Editorial: Shine light on lobbying

The Washington and Idaho legislatures could help bolster public trust by passing laws that curb immediate lobbying by former state officials.

Some form of “cooling off” laws are on the books in 31 states, and Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson is urging the Legislature to pass a bill that was introduced in 2015.

Editorial from The Spokesman-Review

What do Idaho insurers pay their CEOs? The law says that’s secret

To hear Gregory Ferch tell it, the meeting was a moment of clarity. He discovered what he didn’t know. What he couldn’t know. Because the law would not let him.

Ferch, a Boise chiropractor, had received notice from Regence BlueShield of Idaho that the health insurance company was cutting back its payments for “adjustments” — his most common procedure — to 1990s levels.

Ferch and a handful of fellow chiropractors met with the medical director for Regence. Ferch asked whether the medical director’s salary was the same as it had been in the 1990s. The room went silent, Ferch says, and he decided to track down exactly how much Regence paid its leadership.

From the Idaho Statesman

Judge Orders Special Prosecutors in Cassia Open Meeting Violation Case

A Cassia County judge has ordered two special prosecutors to be appointed in the case of a joint law enforcement committee over allegations it violated state open-government laws.

From the Twin Falls Times-News

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